Stills Pricing

The Way We Work

We understand that you have a budget, and unpredictability as to the final cost of your photo shoot and usage rights is unacceptable. That's why our business pricing is completely transparent. You pay for the shoot and we guarantee a minimum number of images. You receive your proofs within a pre-agreed upon time and all the shots you want are delivered to you in high resolution and web resolution. You have unlimited usage rights and I archive the photos for you for ten years and just maintain the right to use your pictures in my portfolio.


Workplace Environment

Workplace environment pictures are great for promoting your business and for employee recruitment. These pictures start at $450 which includes one preview visit to your location at least a week in advance, so that you understand how to prepare the space for optimal results and schedule the activities and people involved. We return for 90 minutes of photography.  You receive no less than 30 compelling images in both web and high resolution formats.


Event Photography

Corporate and Non-Profit events are a fantastic occasion for pictures. Whether you want to capture a fundraiser, company picnic or holiday party, a sales meeting or Grand Opening, a school carnival or club gala, pictures are a way to preserve the moment and recognize the attendees. Event photography starts at $300 for up to three hours.

Please note, One Click Studio does not do wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or quinciniera photography. 



Our basic studio based headshots start at $99 for a 20 min session and 3 top notch final images.  We can do much more than that for an extra charge.  Just let us know and we can discuss further.

Your business may have multiple needs for individual and group shots of key employees--from annual reports to web bios to "welcome walls" in your reception area. It is cost efficient to have a photographer take corporate headshots on site. Corporate headshot pictures start at $300 which includes one preview visit to your location and an hour of photography.  Subjects preview their picture on the spot to ensure that the correct professional impression is made. We deliver at least two pictures of each individual and a minimum of three picture options for every group shot.